Summer in Les 2 Alpes

Le Provencal Garage
We are trying to offer our guest best services in Summer Season.
We have prepared a Garage where you can leave your bike safe and guarded.
Your protection equipment has also a good place in our Ski / Bike Room.

Le Provencal Bike Wash
Ofcourse , after you come down the mountain, it is probably that your bike is full of dirt.
We have prepared for that to, you can wash your bike, in our special designated area.

Bike and Equipment Rental

In order to facilitate your stay here, we have partnershiped with Sport Emotion - Les Deux Alpes.
By renting bikes from you partners you will earn a discount and free protection gear.

Les Deux Alpes - Guides
Our partership with Sport Emotion and Guides 2 Alpes, can help you getting the best guides for VTT, Trecking,
Seightseeing, Crosscountry etc.